Ofuku / Clive in Die Judith von Shimoda by F. Panisello
„Megan Kahts impresses as Ofuku with her ability to express emotional nuances in her voice as she delivers a deep intensity to the relationship between Ofuku und Okichi. Dramatically, as an actress, she is also absolutely convincing.”
Worldwide Concerts and Masterclasses
Impressions from concerts, tours and masterclasses given around the globe. Trace Megan Kahts’ footsteps around the world.
Ruggiero in Alcina by G.F. Handel
„For me, the standouts were Setsoane Jeannette Ntseki as Morgana and Megan Kahts as Ruggiero who are both scene-stealers. Kahts commands the stage, even before she dons her army gear and Ntseki’s comedic flair as the fickle and (frankly) often-aroused Morgana is a treat.“
Cherubino – Le Nozze di Figaro
Cherubino in Le Nozze di Figaro by W.A. Mozart
“As for Cherubino, newly transitioned lyric mezzo soprano Megan Kahts on début in the part makes it her own with gusto, playing the hormonal teenager to the hilt and singing boldly, a welcome inclusion in the array of colourful personae.”
As Despina in Cosi fan tutte
Despina in Cosi fan Tutte by W.A. Mozart
“The ensemble is very homogenic, yet the interpreter of Despina – the South African Megan Kahts – stands out especially. She scores equally in her own arias and in the scenes where she is disguised as the Doctor and the Notary. With erotic charm and vocal sovereignty, she plays the key role in this joyously-profound piece about love, jealousy and partner-swapping.”
Timaea – Pallas Athene weint, Krenek
Timaea in Pallas Athene weint
by E. Krenek
„… while Megan Kahts colours the attractive Queen of Sparta, searching for human contact, with warm tones”
Costanza – L’isola disabitata
Costanza in L’isola disabitata by J. Haydn
„Megan Kahts is fast becoming Teatro Barocco’s fixed star. She embodies the stylised baroque gesture with perfect grace and shapes the role of Costanza with a warm and dark coloured soprano.”
Susanna – Le Nozze di Figaro
Susanna in Le Nozze di Figaro by
W.A. Mozart
“Megan Kahts gives life to the role of Susanna, not only musically, but as the evening progresses, she mixes in a darker timbre over all registers – moving and seducing.“
tisbe wallpaper
Tisbe in Piramo e Tisbe by J.A. Hasse
“Megan Kahts (Tisbe) unfolds her warm streaming soprano with blooming high notes.”
Ossipova in The Nose by D. Shostakovich
“Optically and vocally provocative as the already mentioned blonde woman and equally so in other roles, is the South African soprano Megan Kahts.”
Bastienne in Mozarts Bastien und Bastienne
Bastienne in Bastien und Bastienne by W.A. Mozart
„Megan Kahts filled the entire hall as Bastienne with her clear, round soprano voice and charismatic stage presence”
mariamagdalena 4
Martha von Bethanien in Maria Magdalena by Wolfram Wagner
“The protagonists are also excellent: First and foremost Ursula Langmayr as the crystal-clear title heroine, as well as Monika Schwabegger (Maria), Megan Kahts (Martha), Matthias Helm (Josef)…”